What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment thats gone forever, impossible to reproduce

Karl Lagerfeld

Hi, im David and I tell love stories.


I live in Dumfries & Galloway with my wonderful wife Rachael, 3 kids and our bonkers Irish setter!

My main area’s of cover for wedding photography are Dumfries and Galloway, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cumbria although i am available across the whole of the UK and Ireland and if you like i’ll even jump on a plane and capture your memories on your destination wedding.  So wherever you may be, i’d love to play a part in your special day.

When im not telling couples love stories through the art of photography, i enjoy family walks in the local countryside with our dog and also escaping to our favourite place Durness on the north coast of Scotland.

Photography is a serious love affair of mine, and I’m lucky to have received mentoring from some of the biggest names in the industry.   I love being able to capture moments that would otherwise be lost forever, a memory frozen in time that you can hold in your hands and be transported right back to that very second and feel the emotions building inside.

A professional wedding photographer brings a wealth of experience, years of training, knowledge, equipment, and a thorough understanding of the wedding industry.

I truly believe that wedding photography is an investment of a lifetime, an heirloom to pass on to your children and grand children.  These are your memories that will be here for you long after the cake has been eaten, the spectacle of the midnight fireworks have fizzled out and the band has played its final song.



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Well, Jamie and Cassie, what an awesome couple to have the pleasure of capturing their amazing memories.  These guys did everything for awesome images, even climbing over fence's and through thistles to get some awesome shots! Jamie and Cassie met when Cassie's family...